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    Hi Don't worry its safe !! if you are planning to do any day trips have a look at this page :

    all the best almost 8 years ago

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    If you mean because of the "Arab spring" and protests, then there's little to worry about.
    There are a lot of scams which operate in Marrakesh - but they are not a threat to your physical safety. Women travellers, especially those travelling alone, may experience a high degree of harassment, but again, rarely does it get above leering and lewd comments and perhaps an unwanted touch. If it happens to you, yell at them and ask locals to help.
    There is a risk from international terrorism, and you may recall there was a bombing in the Djemma al-Fna square in April 2011 where 15 people were killed (including 11 tourists). Foreign governments are warning that because of recent developments in Mali the likelihood of a similar kind of terrorism attack is heightened. So take care and make sure you stay alert when you're in public places. almost 8 years ago

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