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I am traveling to Casablanca for a friend's wedding this July, and have no idea what to wear. I have heard that there are strict rules regarding appropriate dress. I was thinking caftan would be a good idea, but don't want to look like a fool if I'm the only one wearing one!

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    I have been to various muslim wedding ceremonies, my own included. The attire has ranged from very western dress to completely OTT.

    Weddings are seen as an opportunity to be seen - prospective daughter-in-laws are met and vetted and therefore every woman who is looking for a husband will look stunning.

    In the Middle East (the UAE specifically), I have attended weddings where the men and women have completely separate parties on different days and the women arrive covered up in shayla and abayas, only to take them off once inside the venue and show off their very fancy and very OTT party dresses which wouldnt look amiss on the red carpet for the Oscars!

    In Turkey, I have seen people get married in full, meringue dresses right through to jeans and a t shirt.

    Are you able to ask your friend in advance and gain some idea of the type of ceremony they are going to have? If its two separate parties (ie, bride and groom), then you will only be with other women and I would wear something very pretty and very party. If its a mixed muslim ceremony, I would be more demure and probably wear linen trousers and a long sleeved linen top. over 10 years ago

    Answered by Sam Richards via Site_iconTravellr.com

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