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    hi Jess, Welcome to Morocco... Bag-snatching, theft, pick-pocketing and petty crime is no more a problem in Morocco than any other city or popular tourist destination.
    Most of the concerns about women's safety in Morocco relate to the level of harassment they receive. It rarely gets seriously physical (a little inappropriate touching at worst), but leering, hissing and lewd comments are constant and can wear you down.
    The best advice is to not engage the men in anyway, don't answer their greetings or react to their comments, simply ignore them and go about your business. However, if you were to respond I think you're understanding of French will be very useful (practice a few put-dons before you go).
    I suspect you're not the type to be wearing skimpy shorts and a halter-neck t-shirt, and will be modestly dressed which will go a long way to reducing the harassment. Try wearing a headscarf "Berber-style", with little more than the eyes showing, to further blend in.
    Don't walk up dark, deserted alleyways, stay aware to your surroundings, don't flash valuables and everything should be fine. If you need any help for your trip, email me at brahimabounaceur@gmail.com , Safe travels, about 8 years ago

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    Hi Jess,

    Morocco can be an intimidating place for solo female travellers - but on the other hand it's not as bad as many people make it out to be. There are certainly elements that you need to be aware of, especially wandering hands and forward males - aside from the common concerns regarding terror attacks and theft.

    We have put together a whole article about solo female travel in Morocco - hope this can provide some assistance!



    Jesse - World Nomads Travel Safety Hub about 8 years ago

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    This will be my 4th trip to morocco and by far has been a wonderful and safe experience. Do try to dress conservatively, do not flash your valuables and you will be safe... about 8 years ago

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