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    Sadly, I don't think this combo exists. Lots of great dining (especially for Morocco) but Moroccan without tourists and with booze? Nope. about 8 years ago

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    You are unlikely to find somewhere like this in the cities. More likely you will need to get to the rural locations. In my experience of Morocco this is the case, I have dined in the city and the rural areas and always without exception the rural restuarants and eateries provide by far the best food and authentic exerience. Avant Garde may be a little more difficult but Moroccans are resourceful and quite ingenious people with Avant garde type flare, so it may well be possible to find somewhere to match your taste. I would suggest exploring down the coast from Cassablanca or inland away from the main tourist areas.
    If you are prepared to travel down the coast you will find some beautiful places to dine and explore. I can tell you of one place in particular that serves some of the best food that I have ever tasted is. Hotel Aertih in Mirleft, there are others but this place does good food. over 6 years ago

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