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It is disconcerting with the present unrest in Libya, with the media reporting "war zone in the med" We are leaving Dubai on 21st april cruising through the Red sea and through the Suez the Med, elements of anxiety are replacing the usual excitement with goes with the looking forward to a holiday, Mmmm need some reassurance I think

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    Patricia, fortunately you've still got some time up your sleeve before you depart... some time to keep an eye on developments and see which way they go.
    Other than Libya and Col. Gaddafi's threats - I would say cruising the Red Sea, the Suez and the Med' would be fine. But what happens next will become clear over the next few days and weeks. It certainly is a time of heightened tension.
    I'm assuming you're booked on a cruise ship, rather than cruising on your own yacht? If so, why don't you contact the cruise line and ask them what extra precautions they're taking, if they have plans to change the itinerary to avoid flash points and under what circumstances they'd invoke those changes. Ask them about their cancellation policy, too. They may agree to allow you to defer the trip until another safer time. Check out your options - I'm sure that'll ease the anxiety. Keep an eye on the news, but be prepared to make the decision to cancel at the last moment if you think it's not safe. You might lose some money, but it's only money. over 9 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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