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    Well, motorcycle riders are 46 times more likely to be injured in a traffic accident than car drivers. But I ride a bicycle (with pedals) to work everyday, so I'm not going to start handing out lessons on risk assessment!
    Jokes aside, I guess you're asking about highway bandits, drug gangs and other threats to your personal safety? All authorities recommend you don't drive/ride at night - and that's because of poor roads, wandering livestock and poor visibility as much as the very rare chance you'll encounter some bandits.
    The drug war is a terrible tragedy, but there's no evidence that innocent tourists are targeted (a couple have been hit in the crossfire of gang shootouts, but how unlucky is that!). Once you get a few kilometres away from the US/Mexico border you'll be away from where all the bad action happens.
    The usual stuff about petty crime applies, so keep your valuables (and your bike) secure.
    Mind you I have not done this trip, so maybe someone who has can shed some more light.
    Phil about 9 years ago

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    Thanks for the response Dr. Phil. Just keep your eyes peeled and on the road in front of you. And make sure you have an insurance policy that covers you in Mexico. Health and life. Just in case. about 9 years ago

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    Have done it many times no problem just watch out for other drivers and have Mexican ins over 8 years ago

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    It isn't very dangerous aside from the fact that drivers in TJ are extremely careless. Almost nobody stops at stop signs and even if they do, its more like a yield sign rather than a stop sign. Lots of people even run red lights. So if you are going on a motorcycle be very cautious. over 7 years ago

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