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Looking for feedback for everything Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Love it? Hate it? Face Hangout, place or experience? The Good, the Bad AND the Ugly, please and why.

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    What I hate is that it is so crowded. We first went there 20 years ago and it was great. We just went last April and it has grown so much. If I were to go again I would stay at the pelicano and experience the downtown and the beach is still the best....! over 8 years ago

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    I hate the little guy who goes around with a kind of rickshaw, virtually orders you into it "saying no charge, only tips". Then he literally offloads you into a shop he is in cohoots with and aggressively and intimidatingly demands $5 for bringing you a short distance. I refused to pay him that much, gave him $2 (which probably was an overpayment) to which I got a drop dead filthy look. Nor did I buy anything in the shop, just gave the shop keeper a knowing look & said "you know him, don't you". He nodded. Why was I so vulnerable & needed the ride? Well I was walking around the town barefoot after my sandals gave up the ghost and was desperately looking to buy a replacement pair. I felt & probably looked like I had just climbed Croagh Patrick barefoot. He spotted a victim a mile away, he certainly wasn't a good Samaritan.

    I hated the bad service at the bus station luggage department etc which resulted me in missing my only opportunity to visit the ruins at Tulum.

    I liked the town itself and the Carribbean music at night. It has nice shops and restaurants and is not big or impersonal. Also on the ferry back from Cozumel there was a great party atmosphere with live Caribbean music. Never been on a ferry like it, it was great. :) over 8 years ago

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    Having dinner at diablito cha cha cha and the some dto. is at la santanera over 8 years ago

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    I hate the crowds...this is now a mini cancun, actually it really is the size of cancun now. like the proximity to tulum, and recommend La Parrilas restaurant . Prices are cheaper the farther away ave 5, which runs along the beach.Stock up on supplies at walmart if you are there for an extended stay. I like la mamitas beach club which is on the far north side of town....also like that u can take the ferry to Cozumel ..you really don't need a cab. but if u do bargain with them. there are many people who drive cabs, some are from Mexico city, generally rude and overpriced..avoid .. over 8 years ago

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