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    Keren, like any large city Mexico City has its problems with petty crime and muggings and you need to exercise the usual caution.
    I suspect you're worried about all the drug-related violence and murders? It is a national (and personal) tragedy for mexicans - over 37,000 people murdered since 2006..... but all of them were involved in the drug trade and gang turf wars. Either gang members, law enforcement or municipal officials. 6 journalists have also been murdered, but again while covering the drug trade.
    Apart from the occasional incident where an innocent by-stander is caught in the crossfire, tourists are NOT being targeted. In fact only a handful have been injured.
    The Mexican government has released figures which show on 80 of Mexico's 2500 municipalities have seen drug violence, and it almsot never happens in the most popular tourist areas.
    So, is Mexico City perfectly safe - no. Will you be killed by a drug lord - also NO.

    Here's a funny fact. 51 million day-trippers a year cross from the US into Mexico, let's exaggerate and say half a dozen have been injured. Meanwhile in the UK every Christmas 7000 people are injured while trying to open their gifts! You are much more likely to be injured by a Christmas present than a Mexican drug lord.
    Enjoy the trip. over 9 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    I live in Mexico City, and even thought I love it, I will try to give an objective opinion.
    As any city, we have areas and zones. If you stick to the touristic areas: Centro Historico, Polanco, Roma, Condesa, Santa Fé, and all Reforma avenue, (some sort of Champs Elisees in México where you will find about 50% of the big museums and landmarks in town), you will be all right. Usually areas close to metro stations are a bit crowded, and you may feel a bit uncomfortable (Although the ticket costs only 20 cents of dollar), so using a private taxi service (Almost any hotel has a service of trust) you can move around quite safely and cheaply. (An average of 6 dollars a trip).
    Stay away of unknown areas like the outer ring of the city. Those zones are the ones that suffer from ocassional shootings of minor drug dealers. If you plan to visit zones close to the city (Like Teotihuacan pyramids, for example) plan your time to get in the bus at 8:00 AM, and return at 6:00 PM tops so you can be inside the metro station at that time. Metro Stations are quite safe once you are inside there.
    Have an excellent trip! over 9 years ago

    Answered by Mike Garcia via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Traveled to Mexico City 4 months ago, is a great place. Y recommend staying at the "Polanco" zone, near "Chapultepec" park. I stayed at the Fiesta Americana Grand. I felt very secure because there were a lot of police officers everywere in that zone. You can visit many places where for the most part you'll be safe: Polanco, Colonia Roma, Reforma, La Condesa. If you go to downtown (Zocalo) make sure to do it in the day.
    Like in any big city some advices:
    - Don't let people see your wallet/cash
    - Don't wave your expensive DSLR camera around showing off.
    - Don't let people see you witn expensive jewerly.

    Visit Mexico City and you'll have a very fun trip. about 9 years ago

    Answered by Carlbert via Site_iconAsk a Nomad iPad app
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    Hi, I also live in Mexico City and I can positively say that as other people have quoted above, it is safe to travel here. In fact, Mexico's city is the safest Mexican state and it has remained unaffected by the "drug war" that is currently taking place in the rest of the country.
    However, you should remain aware and follow some security measures such as sticking to tourist areas and avoid being alone at night. Besides from that and other common sense things, you should not have any trouble during your visit about 9 years ago

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    I have just offered a job and i have to move to Mexico city can you pls tell me which places are safe to live and how to search for a good Accomodation. about 9 years ago

    Answered by via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Of course is Save !! Dont get intimidated with coments about security !! Mexico city is a wonderfull place to visit !! There is so mucho to do !! But like any city in the world, if you walk around on your own, or if you dress super posh in avery Pour or dangerous area people will follow you !! XD about 9 years ago

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    I would very much recommend a friend who could hang around with you so you wouldn't get lost. Mexico City is, as you may already know, quite a larga city, so it is really easy to get lost, and, of course, like in the rest of other cities around the world, there are dangerous places to be walking around.

    Generally, I think Mexico City might as well be much safer than many cities I've been in. about 9 years ago

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    As people is telling you in here:

    1. Mexico City is almost not affected at all by recent drug-related violence.

    2. But as Mexico's biggest city and one of the biggest in the world one has to be cautious of common burglars.

    Take good care of your belongings, ask advice from trustworthy people on well stablished places like big hotels or museums. Be aware of your surroundings on the street, specially at night, and ask the tips on how to ride safe taxies. almost 9 years ago

    Answered by 2xjaime via Site_iconAsk a Nomad iPad app
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    Very safe. Just the normal safe awarness of any big city in the world. almost 9 years ago

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    I was just in CDMX a week ago (July 2017). We stayed at the posh Gran Hotel on the Zocalo. As others have stated, wealthy tourist neighborhoods are generally safe but there is a reason every store has a security guard and there are a dozen police with machine guns outside your hotel. Don't be lulled into a sense of all is safe and well. We accidentally walked outside the highly protected area near our hotel and were immediately robbed. I would never ever wear expensive jewelry, carry more money than I could afford to lose or important papers. Lock your wallet in your room with your jewelry! After being robbed, we grabbed a taxi and hightailed it back to our hotel. To our horror, the front desk barely raised an eyebrow and all those police outside are not there for you! We were told the tourist police headquarters was a 30 minute ride away and nothing would be done. I went upstairs washed the blood off my hands, had a drink and was glad I wasn't killed! about 3 years ago

    Answered by C. Cole via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    No , Centro Histórico is NOT SAFE.
    The subway is UNSAFE. about 2 years ago

    Answered by via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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