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I am wondering what u.s. wireless carrier has the best coverage in Monterrey, Mexico -- I realize that it would be through a partner Mexican company, so would Metrpcs's partners or at&t's partners provide better coverage in Monterrey, Mexico? I am on a budget, but what would be the best thing for a 2 week stay, even if it's something other than the above 2 options? Thanks

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    Hi there! I've been traveling through Mexico, Central and South America as well as Asia for the past 6 months. Not sure if I'm too late, but T-mobile is hands down the best US carrier to travel with internationally. My current US plan allows free, unlimited international data and text messages for over 200 some countries and I believe free calling in Mexico and Canada. All this at no extra cost and no need to notify them of your travel. If changing carriers is not in the cards, just buy a local SIM card when you arrive and use google voice to forward your current number to your temporary Mexican number. Only catch with this option is your phone will need to be unlocked. Another great thing with T-Mobile phones, they are all unlocked. Hope this helps! over 2 years ago

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