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    There's nothing like a road trip! But it is a long way, so be prepared for that - allow plenty of time, don't rush, and make plenty of rest stops.
    Depending on your route you could pass through some of the more dangerous parts of Mexico where drug gang activity continues. Tourists are very, very rarely (if ever) deliberately targeted, but if you stumble into a deal going down it could be bad.
    Plan your route carefully.
    Mexico has an extensive, good and relatively cheap bus network, and there's a lot of fare competition between internal airlines.
    World Nomads went to San Luis Potosi a year back, have a look at this video on staying safe on Mexico's roads.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAwI8Vlh6Z0 over 4 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Stay on the quota , it is much safer over 4 years ago

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    Hi, i am mexican, from North Mexico.
    DONT drive through the North, it is very dangerous! At the moment there is a war between cartels.
    There are flights from the US to Leon, Guanajuato ( one hour from San MIguel) Or you can flight to Mexico City and from there, take a bus (from the Airport) to Queretaro and then to San Miguel about 4 years ago

    Answered by Valeria via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Stay on the Quotas , (their toll roads. ) Very safe, great roads, your tole fees include, free assistance with any problems, Like running out of gas, flat tires, car accident,
    Etc. there are phones along the highways you use for help. The Green Angels, are what they are called, they will come and help you. I've been driving down there for over ten yrs. with no problems. about 4 years ago

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Map of San Miguel de Allende