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Can anyone give me some practical advice on how to get to San José del pacifico? Is there any public transport to get up there? When is the best time of year to catch the "mushroom season"?

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    Depends where you're travelling from. Basically, there is different companies that own mini-vans or as we call them "suburbans", they go from Oaxaca to San Jose or from Pochutla to San Jose, maybe even from Puerto Escondido. It takes about 3 hours to get there from Oaxaca and should cost around 80 -100 pesos. Every company has a car running every couple hours so there are options any time of day. Some popular lines are ATLANTIDA, ECLIPSE and a new more luxurious one called LINEAS UNIDAS.
    About the mushrooms, am not sure but I think it's supposed to be best during/after rainy season (summer). Good luck and have a safe trip! over 5 years ago

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