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    Well this is the trip I did, trying to think back.



    Can't remember Puebla however I'm sure it was worth it.

    Oaxaca was great. Great lively town centre with beautiful square & nice restaurants. There is also the Zapotec ruins at Mount Albán and a trip to similar landscape as you get at Pamukkale on Turkey, the only two places in the world you see this type of landscape & it's well worth the trip. Not to be missed.

    San Cristobal de las Cacas was an interesting town though I preferred Oaxaca. Alot of children selling on the street here. From here we did a terrific speed boat trip down the Sumidero Canyon, saw crocodiles or alligators. Also visited a Zaponista Guerrilla Camp, quite an experience I can tell you. You need to bring your passport if you want to go there.

    Palenque: Well what can I say. This jungle ruins are not to be missed. Stay late in evening to hear the animal screeches.

    Merida: Visit ruins at Uxmal & the cenotes which are collapsed sink holes you can swim in. Amazing experience. Also hire a tandem bike & cycle nearby villages and other less accessible cenotes than the main touristy one they bring you near Chichén Itzá.. Can take some nerve to go down into some of them.

    Chichén Itzá: Ah well does that need an explanation, the ruins themselves are worth a visit. Visit to large cenote. You can swim in all the cenotes.

    Playa del Carmen: Nice town with alot of shops & good restaurants. Take boat trip to Cozumel, snorkel over the so so coral. If you're lucky they might be playing Carribbean music on your return trip. Visit ruins at Tulum by the coast.

    I don't remember the roads being bad. about 9 years ago

    Answered by Hilary via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Hilary's suggestions are dead on. I would recommend any of these places as well. about 9 years ago

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    Sorry. But driving from Mex City to CUN, going to the places descrbed above are not te route. You should head to towars the Gulf of Mexico, not the Pacific. It is the other way. Leaving Mex City head to Puebla. Then Veracruz, Tabasco, Campeche! Yucatan and Cancun.
    There is a way from Escarcega, Campeche that takes you to Quinatana Roo direct without going to Yucatan. It is longer and much narrower. about 9 years ago

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    Well I'm sorry too jm, it may be a bit indirect however if he/she wants to make the most out of their Mexican visit they might be worth the detour besides some of these places ARE in the Yucatan peninsula. All you've done is jot down a load of places in Mexico, telling us nought about what is worth seeing there, perhaps there is nothing worth seeing in most of them, I don't know. Some of them are states I believe, perhaps not places. If you click into the link I gave you will see most places I mentioned veer east not west & none end up remotely near the Pacific. One is unlikely to get the best out of their trip or make the most of Mexico just blindly driving in a straight line. We'll leave Nascimento to judge & decide. about 9 years ago

    Answered by Hilary via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Jm has outlined the direct route, so it really depends how much time you are planning. Puebla has interesting old colonial architecture, good modern restaurants and a great market. Just outside is the town of Cholula (sp?) which has pyramid ruins and a church for every day of the year!
    Not been to Veracruz, but I have read and heard from friends who have that it's a fun town, combining Mexico and Caribbean cultures and flavours. about 9 years ago

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    I agree that the best places are in the yucatan pens but I would use a first class bus rather than drive .SAFER CHEAPER almost 9 years ago

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    The road is safe and basically a toll highway all the way to Cancun. I recommend stopping in Villahermosa, Tabasco and visiting the Olmec Head museum. Get the ferry across the bay to the island of Ciudad del Carmen. Get your feet wet in the ocean while you wait for some fried fish on an ocean side grill in Champoton, then visit the old pirate forts in Campeche City and stop in Merida and try some cochinita tacos with red onions. Stop at Chichen Itza and walk around the mayan temples. You will finally reach Cancun and enjoy some time at the beach. almost 9 years ago

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