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we are planning to travel to malta in April . Should we be worried about going there, given the recent troubles in Libya and the conflict over the meditaranean?

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    Malta is not being used as a base of operations by any nation, so it has no direct involvement in the Libya action (is that what we're calling it?).
    I saw a Pentagon briefing today which detailed the extent of damage to the Libyan air force... there isn't one anymore. No radar signals emitting from anywhere except close to Tripoli - so no need to worry about being bombed from the air.
    Thee's no doubt there's increased tension in the Med', and no guarantees..... BUT I reckon you're more at risk from crazy drivers in valetta than anything from Libya. We do have some travel safety advice for Malta.... have a look.
    Enjoy the trip. Phil about 9 years ago

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    Hi Amanda,
    I am currently in Malta and the great Mediterranean lifestyle has not been affected at all. You can check feed-back from genuine travelers who have been to Malta very recently here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0Xo2kZqukE . There is really nothing to worry about! :) Malta is a lovely destination with no political issue and with close to no criminality at all. almost 9 years ago

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