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I am travelling to the Maldives and I was wondering if they do much catering for vegetarians in the more non-tourist areas?

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    Maldives is country of all islands.

    1. If you are tourist travelling for a holiday, you will live on a custom-developed resort island, away from local population. All of the resorts will serve international dishes which rarely are vegetarian meals. If you require your meals to be vegetarian, a small e-mail in advance of your arrival will be helpful. Most of the resorts do serve special meals for vegetarian guests.

    2. If you are travelling to Maldives some other reason and staying with local population it will be difficult find vegetarian meals. You will find if difficult even to find restaurants in the local islands other then the capital Male'. over 8 years ago

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    If you do not eat fish. Which incidentally is considered as vegetarian in maldavies. You may have an issue with vegetarian food about 8 years ago

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