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    Not really and that's because the Maldives government decided when they started their tourism industry to deliberately make it expensive. They decided it would not be in their best interests to encourage backpackers and budget travelers - their country, their right to choose I suppose.
    Travel between the islands is difficult and restrictive unless you are being picked up by your hotel. There's little or no budget accommodation available and it is actively discouraged.
    If you go there anyway your presence will be frowned upon and it might draw attention from the authorities you don't want. about 9 years ago

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    • please give straight and clear info which will guide the users in a helpful manner ahmed siyad ali about 9 years ago
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    you can book to a cheaper resort . Maldives is an island destination which consists of different level of resorts from cheap to expensive. resorts are rated by stars . the more stars it has it is expensive. www.visitmaldives.com : ) about 9 years ago

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    • The Maldives is not cheap – there are no hotels or backpacker lodges, just resorts. you’ll hardly see a backpack the entire time you’re here. The government prefers it this way, maximising revenue while keeping out the hippies who outraged locals in the 70s. SafetyHub about 9 years ago
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    Actually the statal laws had recently changed so i attache a link where u can book cheaper places, or at least find out bout cheaper places and try and contact them by skype.
    None of them is a resort, and more like a hostel or backpacker place. Great if u intend to go surfing or kite surfing, diving.... Only thing u have to take in account is that they are all in villages. Which means u have to wear discrete clothing while walking in the village since it is a muslim country.
    U can fly low rates with Emirates or Quatar airways and take a ferry or speed boat to the island.
    Have a nice trip. almost 9 years ago

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    Maldives is very expensive and most of what you do there will involve the beach and water activities..
    If you are a beach lover, a passionate diver, seeking luxury or a honeymooner then Maldives is a place rivaled by only a few other destinations. The beaches in the Maldives are not crowded and you can even opt to have your own private beach right in-front of your villa. If you are looking for water-sports Maldives is again a good choice with the sea following you where ever you go....go for 3 or 3.5 star hotels and there are many
    Online travel company's like Yatra.com... they can suggest you a good budgeted Hotels and flights u can tell them the way you want to visit Maldives i can assure you they will ease your trip as you want...Refer to them they are India's leading Online travel company... over 8 years ago

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    Here some Links :



    Jenne over 7 years ago

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    look here: www.jupiter-sunrise-lodge.com
    a really good all-in offer
    at a very cheap price over 7 years ago

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    Maldives can be an expensive place to get to, but there are a few hundred hotels/resorts/bnbs which means there is a range of accommodation from cheap to outright expensive. Guests houses are popping up all over the place now in the Maldives you could try those http://www.maldivesresortdeals.com/guesthouses.html Be sure to factor in any travelling costs to and from the airport as this can add a significant cost if further away. over 5 years ago

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    Hope your boyfriend pops the question?? That's really the only way for ' normal' lower income people to get into the island chain.. For a honeymoon! Other then that, it's a bloody expensive resort only the rich can afford.. over 5 years ago

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