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I would try to climb Mount Kinabalu in Kinabalu Nature Park. Is it dangerous? It takes some special care?

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    I did it last week.

    It's not that dangerous if you are prepared. Good walking shoes and gloves (for holding the ropes) are definitely repuired. Also a headlight, since the climb to the summit is during the night. (you can also rent one on the mountain, just ask the guide).

    The oldest person during our climb was a 73 year old woman and she made it safely to the top and back :-)

    It's a tough climb, but it's worth the effort about 9 years ago

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    It is one of the most popular hiking destination in Malaysia and many people have done it without much difficulty. Of course common sense prevails that means you should have basic fitness level or at least do a little fitness training prior the trip. The authority will not open the route if the weather plays foul and warrants a danger to climber. So enjoy your climb! about 9 years ago

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    Nope...i climb there almost every week. almost 9 years ago

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    No, it is not dangerous to climb Mount Kinabalu.

    However there are a few conditions to be aware of:
    1. you need to be healthy. The mountain operator, Sutra Sanctuary Lodge, recommends climbers who suffered from certain medical conditions, i.e. heart problem, hypertension, diabetes, severe anemia, peptic ulcers, epileptic fits, obesity, chronic asthma, etc. to refrain from climbing the mountain.

    2. Altitude sickness, generally above 2,400 meters (or after 3KM), may cause loss of balance. In my first climb, I fell on the trail near Laban Rata (6KM).

    3. You must be well equipped. The night climb to summit require headlight. Weather temperature can be as low as single digit degree Celsius, you need gloves and warm cloth. You need proper climbing shoes to walk safely on the trail and the summit plateau's rocky slope.

    4. Reasonably fit, just like an average person.

    5. Able to follow advises from mountain guides, i.e. follow the white rope on the summit.

    Like every sport, there were a few tragedies happened during climb of Mount Kinabalu. They are listed down at this article on
    http://www.climbingmtkinabalu.com/2012/06/safety-and-tragedy-is-climbing-mount.html about 8 years ago

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