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    You can refer upto http://www.scubaplex.com/scubadiving/diving-hotel-resort/2712-scubaplex-sample-resort-standard these are the resort in malaysia and for scuba diving in malaysia you can refer upto http://www.scubaplex.com/scubadiving/location/202-scuba-diving-malaysia over 9 years ago

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    There is no comparable diving on the Peninsula, and you are arriving at the worst possible time for diving--in the middle of the monsoon season. Hate to be a downer but the rainy season is from late August/early September until mid November, during which time on average, there are about two hours of rain per day. Visibility is reduced, and a lot of operators simply shut down.

    The Perhentian Islands will be mostly abandoned due to the monsoon season, so I do not recommend even bothering. You could jet over to Pulau Tioman if cost isn't a factor, but again it is a really horrible time to be diving in the South China Sea, but at least the resorts stay open. All the operators there are comparable.

    I'd say Pulau Payar (can get there from Langkawi) is the next best place to dive close to KL, and with some luck you might just have a day that there is no rain and the boats go out. Oh, and across the board they just do two dives a day, not the three most of us are used to. If you have time you might consider the Andaman side of Southern Thailand which generally has a bit better diving (but the same weather). over 9 years ago

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