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    Hi Amanda, Asia is really an amazing place, i came here 6 months ago for a holiday from australia and decided to stay, if your coming to Kuala Lumpur let me know, I will sort out some free accommodation at my friends hotel, Malaysia is great, if you love food, it's the perfect country, beach, sun and sand, and the people are great, go to www.applehotels.com, email me at pramesh@applehotels.com, i also have a food blog which you might find useful in Kuala Lumpur..and we always love introducing new people to the Malaysian life easy going life style over 9 years ago

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    It does depend upon what sort of an experience you are looking for. Regardless, there are plenty of opportunities for people of all interests =)

    If you're into adventure activities, you must climb Mt Kinabalu (Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, a UNESCO World Heritage site). Sabah also has some of the best diving opportunities.

    The other Malaysian Borneo state of Sarawak is particularly good for jungle trekking. There is the best possibility of experiencing some indigenous culture in these two states as a significant percentage of the population are indigenous. If you're into fresh seafood, eat lots of it here - it's generally fresher than what you can find on the peninsula (especially KL, which is inland). And find some decent foochow food and eat that, too, because you won't find much of that on the peninsula =)

    [I must however warn you that thanks to decades of corruption, indigenous rights and the wider environment have been bottom of the priority list in Sarawak and if you look below the surface that most tourists tread upon, the whole situation can become very disheartening. Just a warning in case you're like me and want to know everything about a country and what makes it tick =)

    To illustrate this point, the UN is currently reconsidering the World Heritage status of the Mulu area. A travesty, I say.]

    As for West Malaysia, I'd suggest Langkawi if you want to hang around beautiful beaches and generally be a tourist. Go to Penang because it's awesome and because it's a UNESCO World Heritage city. Be sure to eat Penang Laksa (a variation of Asam Laksa).

    Visit KL just 'cos. Plenty of shopping there if that's your thing. And visit Melaka because it's another UNESCO World Heritage city.

    EDIT: Malaysia is generally a safe and friendly place (there are clear exceptions, based on anecdotal information from Malaysian friends), but do use your common sense. Do not leave valuables in a car (if you use one). Take precautions against pickpockets. Always check that a taxi driver has proper identification. If uncertain, find another taxi, or phone for one. At airports, go through official taxi queues and don't follow random people asking if you need a taxi. over 9 years ago

    Answered by Dan via Site_iconTravellr.com

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