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I'm a Filipina and I'll be travelling alone. I like adventure and nature! So i guess the deciding factor would be which place has more beautiful scenic spots and more fun activities.. I'm also a licensed open water diver and had done some mountain climbing already.

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    You can visit KK as well as Miri but KK has more natural beauties ,scenic spots,views ,mountains and lakes.You can travel by train,bus or nice boat to Sarawak then to Brunei from Labuan by road.It will be a wonderful adventurous journey. I live in Toronto but have business in KK and friends in KK as well as Brunei.I will visit KK hopefully in January 2014.If you or any travellers need further info please contact at milasribak@yahoo.ca about 7 years ago

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    Hi Kabayan! I've been to Miri & KK. My heart left in both place. The people are so nice & friendly. I can share you some tips where you can use when travelling on both place. You can reach me @ iamkim546@me.com about 7 years ago

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    For diving, KK would have better sealife views and attractions. Also, climbing Mt. Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia, is worth it. The views are beautiful and the night climb to reach the peak for sun rise is amazing as you see the sky littered with stars.

    In Miri, there are some nice scenes, but the best for nature would be to hop on a small plane from Miri to Mulu Caves. There, you can go spelunking, watch the bats, explore the caves, hike, and climb the steep pinnacles. Very exhilarating.

    Of course, good weather is needed to enjoy all these activities, and I do hope that you will experience clear skies and cool breezes during your travel. about 7 years ago

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