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I'll be in SE Asia from mid-November to mid-March. Is there a best time and/or location to see orangutans? (Best meaning good chance of seeing them, weather not crazily hot and sticky).
All advice welcomed - thanks!

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    Hi TravelEater,

    There area few Orang Utan sanctuaries around Indonesia and Malaysia where you get to see these great creatures in their natural habitat. A great place would be Sepilok in Sandakan, Sabah, E.Malaysia (North Borneo). Orang Utans roam freely so advisable not to wear red as this attracts/provokes Orang Utans. A friend of mine had a t-shirt with a couple of mango-sized red dots on it, and the Orang Utan walked over and wrapped his arms around her. She was lucky she was ot crushed, but it was definitely an experience. Around the sanctuary you can also see Sumatran Rhinos, Sun Bears and Gibbons who have been taken in for care. Whilst in Sandakan, you can also visit Sukau Lodge where you can see the famous Probiscis Monkey among many other wildlife, and also visit Turtle Island if you would like to try and catch a Turtle laying eggs and the release of earlier hatchlings into the sea.
    I wouldn't be so concerned on crazily hot and sticky but more of monsoon weather which could deter viewing. about 7 years ago

    Answered by Escarraga82 via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    That's most helpful, thank you! :-) about 7 years ago

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