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Does any one have any recommendations as to a safe, young adult hostel to stay at? What does the average taxi ride cost from Kuala Lumpur airport to Kuala Lumpur,are there any other ways of transportation that are safe? and what are some must sees and dos in the vicinity of the city?

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    I've only stayed in cheap hotels in KL, so can't help with hostel info. Just google it. That's all I ever do.

    Chinatown is a fabulous area to stay in. Loads to do there, but the markets are on at night, and super noisy, including when they pull them down later, so no point trying to go to bed early if your room overlooks them.

    Airport transfers...... check with the hostel (or hotel) as to whether or not they have an airport shuttle bus.Other than that, catch the Skybus ... http://www.skybus.com.my/ they leave about every half an hour from LCCT as well as from the main airport. From the main airport you can also catch the train into KL, but the bus & the train all end up in the same place KL Sentral (train & bus terminal), so if you catch the bus from LCCT, it's easier to just catch the one that bypasses the main airport & stay on it all the way into KL. Cheap, and cheaper still if you're flying AirAsia & book online before you go to KL. The bus trip takes about an hour, and the road is excellent.

    In KL, do the Hop On Hop Off bus tour one day. It's a cheap easy way to get the lay of the land & see all the main attractions in one go, & you can plan your day around the timetable, and just hop off & back on anytime you feel like it from their easy to find designated bus stops...... http://www.myhoponhopoff.com/

    Taxis... same as anywhere in Asia & SE Asia... super cheap, so beware of the taxi drivers who try to overcharge. Asking the price before you get in is always a good idea. From KL Sentral (just near where the Skybus pulls in), you buy a taxi ticket from the little booth on the footpath to wherever you're going, then the taxi 'director' puts you into your taxi. Those taxis don't rip you off, because it's a pre-paid (& cheap) fare. Remember the fare for your return trip from wherever you stay, back to KL Sentral to catch the Skybus or train back to the airport. You can't go wrong then :) almost 8 years ago

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    On arrival at the airport, you get in a queue for the taxi kiosk. You order and pay for your taxi before you leave the airport. You don't have to pay the driver as you've already paid. It cost us 103 ringgits which translated to around £20 from the airport to our hotel in the centre of KL. Try airbnb for accommodation or hotels.com, try and stay in the triangle which is central for everything. over 6 years ago

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    depends from your budget. If you want cheap accommodation, chinatown is your best option. I have been staying around Bukit Bitang for work, which is the business area and you can still find affordable accommodation. If you stay there you can walk to the major shopping malls and petronas tower. You can easily move with the skytrain, which is really efficient. If you want reliable taxi you should download this app http://grabtaxi.com/myteksi/ with which you can get a taxi any time anywhere. Otherwise there is Uber taxi but is more expensive. almost 6 years ago

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