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I am an Indian Passport holder, working in Jakarta, flying to Tokyo on a holiday, via KL by Malaysia Airlines. I got my MAS tickets separately - Jakarta to KL and KL to Tokyo (hence different PNR nos.)

My question is:
Do I need a transit visa if I stop over for 6 hours in KLIA (but may have to pass immigration, if I don't get a through check in because of two separate PNRs on same Airlines)

Or, is it possible to get a through check in - with my boarding pass for KL-Tokyo sector issued in Jakarta, so that I don't have to pass immigration and just change gates to board the other flight.

There are conflicting information about the TWOV for Indian Passport holders on the net. The Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta are unable to help me - they are not willing to even find out about the transit visa rules. They are only giving me a single entry visa - but I'd need a double entry one, if at all - since I will be coming back to Jakarta the same way.

Any info. will be highly appreciated.


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    I use Malaysian airlines all the time to travel between INDIA and JAPAN. In case you plan to stay inside the airport for the 6 hour stopover period, you do not need any VISA (transit or otherwise). You should check-in your luggage all the way to Japan (There is no question of "if I don't get a thru checkin". The MH personnel at Indonesia will most likely give you the boarding pass for the second leg (KL-NARITA) also to you. KL airport has enough for you to do for the 6 hours of stopover. over 8 years ago

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    I two have a same doubt, But i am travelling from india to KL and KL to cambodia, but i am not travelling back via same route. i am going to singapore from camboida and singapore to india, I have 6 hours 30 mintes for second flight in malaysia. so what visa i need and what should i do. I am travelling in airasia, 2 different flight till camboida.

    Selva over 8 years ago

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    sir i have to fly from mumbai to singapore via malaysia and have to be inside the airport for two hour for my next flight for singapore do i need a malaysian transit visa.kindly give some suggestion sir about 8 years ago

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    hi i am revelling trom miami to kualumpur and to jakarta after 4 days,can i get transit visa or i have to live the country,i am flying with malaysian airlines,wht is my stand,i have return flight to US and i am holding US visa AND UK VISA almost 8 years ago

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    respected sir i am Indian i will go Padang(Indonesia) with my family will going to Padang Indonesia next day .so i will change klia to lcct air port.so can i must any visa for change air port.then we will come back Padang to Kuala lumpur means lcct to klia to India flight can i must any visa there ? please tell me sir over 6 years ago

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    I am planning to shift to Malaysia soon does anyone know if Kent RO Water purifiers are available in Malaysia.
    I have a unit at my home here which i have been using for the past 5 years.
    Should i bring the unit over to malaysia or buy a unit from there itself.
    I am not keen on buying other brands. almost 6 years ago

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    i too have the same problem.....i travel from harbin to chennai through malaysia....but from harbin to malaysia i have a different airlane and there to chennai other i have a 12 hours for the next flight so should i need to take the transit visa over 5 years ago

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    I booked my tickets from Malaysia airlines from Mumbai to Adelaide with round trip.I have 12 hrs stopover at Kuala lumpur airport.I wish to book my hotel in city and small tour of kuala lumpur . Can i do that by taking transit pass from Airport ? almost 5 years ago

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    India Passport holders are eligible for a free Transit Pass
    of upto 120 hours at Kuala Lumpur International Airport if going to: Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan or the United States with a valid visa, and are departing to or arriving from these countries (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_policy_of_Malaysia#Non-ordinary_passports) almost 4 years ago

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