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    Say around 500 us dollars over 8 years ago

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    It really depends on what you want to do there. KK is a pretty small place, if you want to sit in coffee bean and stay in nice hotels it will cost you around the same as it would as being in KL. To get the best out of the city I'd try and stay at small hostels as they are generally well run and give you a much closer connection with the locals there also wayyyyy cheaper than places like the Hyatt. If you shop like a local it can be very cheap especially if you venture out of the city, if you can I'd suggest going to Kundesang as its not too far away (if memory serves) and there is a huge market and a very interesting war memorial that you might find interesting. When I was last there the curator gave a fantastic tour explaining that his family was entirely responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the site and how it was largely unrecognised by the British Australian and Canadian governments for who's troops it remembers. Super nice guy. about 8 years ago

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    depends I stated at the Tune Hotel for 15.00 a night. You can stay at a 5 star for about 100.00 a night. with tours car rental if you rent a car I would say about 100. A day over 7 years ago

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