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I should be traveling in Malaysia, but after two days in Malacca I left the country back to Singapore. I didn't feel safe there with men. The way they are looking at us, talking to us, and also act is very intimidating and embarassing.

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    My friend did and it was fine. Be smart like any other country or big city. almost 8 years ago

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    Malaysia is Avery safe country and real great people almost 8 years ago

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    What do u mean by that? I think if u look like a weirdo, of course ppl will staring at you. Men in Malaysia are not rapist. If u talk to us nicely, we will reply it nicely too. KL is same like other major big city. Precaution is needed almost 8 years ago

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    Its just like any other country.people are helpful.pm me for more info on hotels n tour deals almost 8 years ago

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    I'm a Malaysian girl and I understand your concern. It is safe for you, as long as you don't walk alone late at nights. But other than that, you can lead your life here, walk around, take public transports as you like :) just be careful always! almost 8 years ago

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    Be respectful in your choice of clothing and you won't get too much 'unwanted' attention.Wear a wedding ring and avoid groups of teenage boys (they seem to egg each other on). ;) Be polite and smile and Malaysia is an excellent travel destination! :) almost 8 years ago

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    The reason why they do that is probably think of you as a man too even if your not believe me as a Malaysian I've had experience but if they touched you inappropriately or flirted with you then you stumbled in to the wrong people. And try to avoid eye contact and don't attract attention. about 3 years ago

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