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she has busuness investments over there and wants to go over and check them out , I am very hesitant to go as I have not travelled that far EVER also how safe is it as a caucasian , not very experienced traveller

Also I told her that i would prefer to break the trip up with stopovers as it is very new to me

Would you be able to recommend the best way to tarvel and stopover a few days here and tere and see other destinations

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    I lived there for the last 15 years, it's a lovely place. If she has investments there, I can only assume that she speaks French or Malagasy, which does help, although English is now spoken a little bit, just about everywhere. You will have a lovely time. I don't know where you are but you can fly into Madagascar from Paris (stopover?), Nairobi (stopover?), Jo'burg (stopover?), Mauritius (stopover?) or Reunion (stopover?). You have plenty of options. Madagascar has plenty of tourists every year and although like anywhere there are risks (google how many tourists are killed when visiting New York City - it's a LOT) Madagascar is a generally safe and peaceful place. Read a guidebook at search the archives at a busier travel forum such as Lonely Planet. almost 10 years ago

    Answered by Brett Massoud via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Madagascar has a reputation for political instability, and of course petty crime is as much of a problem here as it is anywhere. DFAT says you should "reconsider your need to travel" because of those things.... but its says that about Bali, too. That indicates there is a risk, and only you can decide if it's worth taking.
    But assuming (because of her business interests) your partner is a Madagascar local, you have instant 'local knowledge' on your side. She and her family/friends will know where it's safe, and where is best to avoid.
    Check with your GP about immunisations (at least 6 weeks before you go), register with DFAT, have a look at our posts about travelling safely and staying healthy..
    http://bit.ly/ghBB9B almost 10 years ago

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    Madgascar is a great place to visit. I was there back in Aug/Sept 08 and loved it. I don't speak french but it's very helpful here if you do. My husband and I got around well enough without it. We also had hired a driver to take us around for a few days. The other options were to fly or take a minibus which really wasn't on a schedule. I recommend getting a package deal where you get hotels and a driver for a set amount of days. We were able to do that at our hotel in Antananarivo. People were extremely friendly and I never felt I was unsafe. I did noticed a lot of vanilla bean dealings going on in dark alleys. Hard to see a threat in that :) Things probably haven't changed too much but it's also been a couple of years. Just be smart and keep you and your belongings safe like you would anywhere.
    Check out travel warnings on the British Foreign office site. They seem to be more thorough than the US site.


    We traveled on to Mauritius and the Seychelles from there. Going to Madagascar then to one of those islands makes a perfect trip.

    There's some pics of Madagascar and the Seychelles on my blog post here if you would like to take a look


    Hope it helps :) almost 10 years ago

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