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Not that keen to go for those well-established high-end restaurants especially inside the hotel. Looking for a cool, hip and fun restaurant or cafe for a memorable meal... cool enough to talk about it months later and good enough to recommend to friends. I'll have one lunch and one dinner in Macau two weeks from today. Thanks guys!

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    @scooter guy 79, I don't have the answers to your questions. If I do, I'll answer them gladly without asking anything in return. Do not answer my question if you're not willing to share, that's fine with me.
    Two things here,
    1st, you're not getting the very concept of Nomad at all, the core of this is to share travel information with each other so that we can enjoy more and get more out of our travels.
    2nd, your questions are related to scooter (not travel), thus you're at the wrong place asking for the wrong thing. It's like you go to a football game, but you expect to watch a ballet performance instead.
    Don't put a square peg in a round hole. Get my drift? over 8 years ago

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