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    Look at Vaduz castle (tho you can't visit it) then go to Salzburg or Lucerne or Bavaria or Como or ... sorry, shouldn't be mean. The farmhouse museum in Schellenberg was quite interesting. Princes Way hike is great, so my girlfriend said. And the Sareis chairlift. I rate it all as underwhelming. Cheers, bp over 5 years ago

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    I will definitely go back as 2 days want enough and I will rent a car next time and visit all the little towns, we stayed in Sargans Switzerland which is the train station you will go to if you come from the Swiss side via train that is. Accommodation was slightly cheaper but not much. Liechtenstein itself, we did the little tour in Vaduz got a lot of local knowledge but travelling back to Sargans itself we stopped off in little villages one with a fair and other to have dinner. The bus system is excellent. A lot of people stay on the Austrian side but unless your going there next I wouldn't bother, that town has nothing of much interest from a tourist stance that is. over 5 years ago

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