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Should I be worried about political demonstrations in countries like Tunisia for example?

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    Jamie, Libya is the latest of a number of North African countries to undergo revolutionary change. What is being called the "Arab spring" (spring as in uprising or revolution) actually began in Tunisia late last year, and spread to Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Syria and a few others.
    obviously Syria, Libya and Bahrain are still resisting the revolution and are using force to battle protesters with deadly effect.
    The governments of Morocco and Tunisia saw the writing on the wall early and after SOME violence and deaths have agreed to reforms. Egypt of course went through a very bloody revolution, but have now reached the same conclusion.
    There are some in those countries who are not satisfied with the pace of change, so there are still occasional protests, but nothing like the size or ferocity of before.
    so, should you be worried about demonstrations in Tunisia - not 'worried' but certainly AWARE. They could happen without much warning and there's always the possibility they could descend into violence, so stay well away from them. However the likliehood of a second revolution in Tunisia is very slim. over 9 years ago

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    Yes it is about 9 years ago

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