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    Ozan, not "dangerous" but Riga does have a high petty crime rate. It rarely turns violent, which is why I say not 'dangerous', but certainly a hassle.
    Crowded public places such as Riga's Old Town (Vecriga), Central train station (Dzelzcela stacija), Central bus station (Autoosta) and Central market (Centraltirgus) are popular places for thieves. You should also be careful when around Merķeļa ielu which is a major traffic junction with pawn shops (open 24/7) attracting gypsies and other criminals. Even the locals try and avoid the left side of the street.
    There was a problem with pubs and clubs extorting tourists with huge drinks bills, much of this has been stamped out, but be careful The US embassy still has a list of establishments it says you should avoid for this reason - whether that list is still relevant or fair is open to debate, but check it out at http://riga.usembassy.gov/warden0811.html
    Phil from WorldNomads.com safety hub. over 9 years ago

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    I would say it's exactly the same as any other place - with it's safe and "dangerous" places. The centre is safe, so called Moscows Suburbs (behind The Acedemy of Sciences) is the place you better stay away, especially on evenings/nights. But the centre, well, I would say no - and I say it as a girl who is living here and have been walking on these streets alone at nights a lot. Of course, you never know, but I never had any incident here.

    Bars and clubs named and shamed by Latvia’s tourist board in 2009 and you should better stay away from: Babylon (at Kalku 24), Bar Fly (Vāgnera 8), Mary (Audēju 13), Nobu Sushi (Grēcinieku 28), Doll House (Mārstaļu12) Mademoiselle Cigar Club (on Vaļņu Street). over 9 years ago

    Answered by Friend_in_Riga via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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