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I have heard a story somewhere recently about some bandits targeting foreigners on bikes?

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    If your confident VERY hilly water buffalo, rotary hoes and rice drying in the roads but well worth it, we drove throughout without problem roads fairly quiet but remember might is right over 10 years ago

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    They have many armed checkpoints but they leave you alone we heard the same story about the buses but had NO problems brilliant place over 10 years ago

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    If you are an experienced and licensed motorcycle rider, Laos presents some unique challenges: it is mountainous, the weather changes fast, road conditions off the main routes are poor, livestock wanders onto the road, and the usual might-equals-right rule of the road applies. But - it is also beautiful.
    there are a growing number of companies offering motorcycling tours of Laos.
    If you DO NOT have a valid motorcycle license in your home country, it will not show up on your International Driving permit - and despite what the scooter hire shop may tell you - you are not licensed to ride on 2 wheels.
    Being unlicensed will present problems with your travel insurer if you fall off and need to make a claim for medical expenses - generally; no license, no cover (it is not possible to be insured for something which is outside the law - it just aint!) about 10 years ago

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    As previous people have said ... you have to worry about the road and weather conditions more than bandits. They have cleaned that up pretty well and they only warn you about one or two highways in between Luang Prabang, Phonsaven, and Vang Vieng. Still ... I wouldn't worry about it as much as making sure my helmet is on tight! Safe riding! :) about 10 years ago

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