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Hi, I am planning on travelling to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam with three boys under 10. Possibly some parts of Thailand. Apart from the standard 'tourist' places, is there anywhere that you would not miss? What about is there anywhere that you WOULDNT take kids?
I have 12 weeks to spend wandering around on a budget of just under $100 per day.
Thinking about 4-6 weeks in Vietnam
2 weeks in Cambodia
4-6 weeks in Laos

There will be 5 of us. What do you think? Is that sufficient?
Thanks heaps!

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    Hi Karen, checkout my travel journal as I have quite a bit about travelling with two young boys in many of these places. Great fun. I'll reply separately once I've given this some more thought ... over 7 years ago

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    You really need to do an elephant camp out of luang prabung. I did it wit my wife and two children. Son was 14 and daughter was 8. When you get there, you get introduced to YOUR elephant. From then on, you learn the commands and it is your elephant for the three days. You wash them in the river, feed them, walk them into the jungle to bed etc. they are such beautiful animals and so gentle. I would not leave Laos without doing it, it is something that my kids will never forget, but it spoils them when they look at elephants in the zoo. Reasonably cheap too, as it was inclusive of accommodation and all meals. They get a mahoot license at the end as well. I did it two years ago and it was about $500 for three days for four of us. over 7 years ago

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