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I never been anywhere in Southeast Asia except for Thailand, just wanted to know of any practical advice on safety and health, as well as things to see and things to avoid. Any info for me?

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    Lucky you!

    Best to get your travel vaccinations before you head off, if you're in Australia there are numerous travel clinics in the major cities who can consult.

    Health concerns:
    Water. Drink only bottles and ensure the lid is really sealed when you buy it. Some vendors refill and then put the cap on tight to pretend.....

    Food. All countries have amazing cuisine, just check for hygiene standards where you do go. I'm rather conservative when it comes to food because of my past career in emergency assistance for travellers (the bulk of my medical cases were food or alcohol related). In saying that, I am a very adventurous traveller and love the local cuisine.

    Alcohol. Its cheap. Its plentiful. And it can be spiked.

    In Cambodia, you cannot go past Chicken Amok, the national dish. Vietnam you can cannot go past the fish curry's or vietnamese rolls. Both places are also ex-French colonies so the pastries in Vietnam and Cambodia .

    Safety - the usual stuff, be mindful of your surroundings, don't walk down dark alley ways at night, watch your drinks (spiking incidents are high). The biggest risk is getting scammed or ripped off.

    The tubing in Laos is high on the media watch right now as I'm sure you're aware.

    With motorbike hire places, be careful in Laos because the hire places will try to make you pay for damages that are not really there.

    Drugs. Plenty in each country - stay clear.

    Overall, you're going at a nice time of year. Enjoy. almost 8 years ago

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    I think Lisa covered it! I just finished that area and had NO problems with the food, etc. Just make sure when you eat street food you see it cooked and ask for something freshly made. Look for flies, etc. Otherwise you are good! Make sure you use hand sanitizer vigilantly to avoid other stomach problems. No toilet paper or soap to wash hands in bathrooms. almost 8 years ago

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