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hoping to get some ideas as have two months ,so we have the time, we are 35+ so want to do some trekking/villages and a good trip on the Mekong, rather spend longer in one place and really see it than tick lots of places off the list type of thing !! leaving from the bottom travelling op to the top (arriving from Bangkok) leaving from Chaing Mai cheers

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    We travelled north from Luang Prabang to Luang Nam Tha and spent a day or so around there in a nice Eco resort on the river (sorry, forgot the name) which felt like an upmarket holiday within our holiday!. If we had more time here i would have loved to do some kayaking on the river or visit the nearby national park.

    Then got on a truck up the mountains to Muang Sing.... Lots of different hill tribes come here with their crafts and goods to sell. From here we booked a home stay trek in the local tourism office and had the most marvellous time. It was a long walk up a hill to a tiny village, without any electricity or roads - we were welcomed at the top with a quick shower/rinse under a spring, a homecooked meal and a hilarious evening by candlelight with the villagers keen to check out our head torches, watches and other 'fancy' travel gadgets. Totally a highlight of our 3 weeks in Laos.

    With two months you'll have plenty of time of explore these kinds of locations that need a bit of extra time and effort to get to

    If need be, you can also fly from Luang Nam Tha to Vientianne to save a lot of travel time. about 9 years ago

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