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To expand, I am a photographer and a place like Nairobi is an incredible opportunity to capture some great shots. Should I be worried to walk the streets with camera gear taking photos of locals and shops, street-scapes. What is some good street sense to keep in mind? Am keen to experience the place and not hide in my hotel room! Thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Peter, the CBD of Nairobi has a reputation for high levels of street crime... bag snatching, muggings, car jacking etc. It's not a great place to be hanging a 5D mark II from your neck.You should avoid the slum areas like Kibera.
    The problem has become so bad Kenyans have protested, demanding something be done.
    We have a very stark assessment of crime in Kenya on the worldnomads.com safety hub.... it's not great news:
    If you're serious about taking an expensive camera around Nairobi you should consider hiring a private security guard from a local company. They'll know which parts are to be avoided totally, and will have your back while you take those shots in the other places.
    Phil over 9 years ago

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    Please avoid walking in all areas after dark over 9 years ago

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    Well I have lived in Nairobi for about 18 years now, Kibera and the city centre is not really as bad as it sounds. During the day you will be safe but do avoid these areas after dusk or early hours of the morning. over 9 years ago

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    Generally it is not recommended to walk around with expensive valuables, guests should avoid down town streets but can walk within the city center but avoid walking- any valuables. over 8 years ago

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