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Have a pal in Kenya with a land rover to be brought back to the U.K. Has anyone driven from Kenya to the U.K., or vice versa. Also anyone who might fancy being co-pilot on such a trip. Would prefer someone with motor mechanic knowledge. thanks terry

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    Can't say I've done this trip myself, but am enjoying reading Huw and Rose's Journal as they drive from the UK through Africa in a truck. There's plenty of anecdotes, advice about getting visas for Libya etc... I'm sure you could email them or leave a comment and get some advice:
    http://journals.worldnomads.com/huw-and-rose/ almost 10 years ago

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    Yeah, my mate did it, though not sure exactly which route (his whole itinerary was Aberdeen/OZ to Aberdeen/Scotland). Send me your email and I'll ask him to drop you a line. almost 10 years ago

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