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I've heard some worrying stories about customs in Nairobi I'm wondering if it's as bad as it sounds. I'm 19 and will be meeting an organization at the airport but will be passing through customs alone

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    first of all you should get r your yellow fever vaccination,as some time,they do ask you to show them the certificate to prove it.
    You will have to fill some forms,so,it will be easy if you have an address for where you will stay to write down.
    The above is all in the immigration section,then after you collect your bags you will see the customs officials,some times they will ask you what do you carry in your belongings,but if you do not have any thing to be afraid of,just tell them,and 9 times out of 10 they will tell you to go ahead and proceed,and not even open your bags.
    I have been coming kenya for the past 3 years,going in and out every 3 months,and other than getting difficulties maybe 2 times with the immigration officials,that want to take more money that what you should pay for the visa,i never got any problems. over 8 years ago

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    I had a terrible experience at Nairobi airport. Make sure you get in line as soon as possible if you are catching another flight. Their computer systems are very slow. Also make sure you have some sort of substantial birding pass with you, or I'd they have to print it out, confirm your flight number with your airline before arriving. For some reason, they could not obtain my flight number so I did not receive a boarding pass and missed my flight to Tanzania. I had to get an extra visa to stay at a hotel in Nairobi for the night. I demanded the next flight to TZ, but it was very complicated and stressful. I hope you have a better experience, and hope that helps. over 8 years ago

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