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Almaty - Camping Gas Bottle - What Types are they?
Im from Australia and will be doing some camping in Almaty and Tian Shan mountains.
I want to buy a portable gas bottle there, like this (http://www.aussiedisposals.com.au/catalog/images/Gasmate-self-sealing-cartridge.jpg?osCsid=ddec3ffb76c9839c630f1f6654071e8b)

I have a camping stove, like this (http://www.aliexpress.com/product-gs-img/425491783-KOVEA-KB-0408-Hiker-GAS-Stove-wholesalers.html) and wasn't sure if i bring it with me if it will fit the gas bottles in Almaty.

Does anyone know what type of bottles are there? Screw, puncture etc?

Thank you all.

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    Go and ask the question here http://ksoanetwork.ning.com

    That is the association of Kazakhs who live in Australia - look for the Moderator, Andrew and send him a pm as well. In western Mongolia, full of Kazakhs I might add, the gas bottles are puncture type generally. We use them on trips when we are not staying with herding families - not much to burn out there ...

    Have fun on your trip - Rick

    have fun on your trip ... over 9 years ago

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