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I'll be in Jordan for a week and I would like to go one day or two to Israel. It issafe to cross the border with the confrontations and violent social revolt that is happening in Syria?

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    Nothing is safe in those parts, pardner. about 9 years ago

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    At the Allenby Bridge crossing, as well as at Ben Gurion airport, Israeli border officials have used a new entry stamp for certain travellers that states "Palestinian Authority Only". Since travellers entering via the Allenby crossing must pass through Israeli checkpoints and Israeli-controlled territory to reach Jerusalem or Gaza, this restriction effectively limits travellers who receive this stamp at Allenby to destinations in the West Bank only... This stamp has been used even with travellers who have no Palestinian or other Arab ancestry, and who would not seem to have any claim to a Palestinian Authority ID. about 9 years ago

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    yes , its safe

    h_freelance@yahoo.com about 9 years ago

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    Jordan is the safest point on earth after united arab emirates u can go there freely and use the boarders with no problems at all about 9 years ago

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