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    Hi Me (or You).
    There's been a lot of discussion about this topic on Ask A Nomad, you should tale a look at this:
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    In a nutshell, here's my take on the situation - and remember I'm a journalist not a nuclear physicist. There are clearly some hot spots around. There's also a small risk that contaminated food may enter the food cycle, From all of my study of the situation the contamination where it does exist is very low level.
    Here are some absolute truths about radiation:
    1. The further away from it you are the less effect it has on your body. Presently there is a 30km exclusion zone around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility. Tokyo is 250 kms away, Osaka, and Kyoto are at least double that distance.
    2. large doses over a short time, or small doses over a long time, are not good for your health. The levels of contamination you're likely to encounter are very small, and because you are only visiting it will also be for a short time - the best of both worlds.

    As always, it is up to the individual to assess the risk and what is acceptable to them. Personally, repeat, personally, I'd have no qualms about going and I'd even take my young children with me, although I'd stay well away from Fukushima prefecture.
    Hope that helps.
    Phil almost 8 years ago

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