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understand there was a high level of radioactive cesium was detected in soil of Kashiwa city, Chiba prefecture, near Tokyo. Plan to go Tokyo in Dec but because of this news a bit worry and consider to change to Osaka instead. Is Osaka safe?

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    Yes it was totally unaffected by the radiation leak. But can I suggest you not be so hasty in dismissing Tokyo? I know there's much debate about residual radiation, and I've done a lot of reading of news reports and blog posts and facebook entries. It appears to me that there is not a uniform level of radiation on the ground everywhere in Tokyo, there are little hot spots, often where leaf matter has accumulated around a stormwater drain. It's not like you'll be walking through an inches thick carpet of the stuff.
    Plus, radiation exposure - a large dose over a short time is dangerous. A low dose over a long time is equally dangerous. But if you go to Tokyo the worst you can expect is a low dose over a short time - and that's the worst case. Of course the long term prospects for residents are less serendipitous, but as a short term visitor I personally wouldn't worry unduly. about 9 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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