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I am thinking of a trip mid august and have started reading up and realise that there are likely to be disruptions to life there as well as possible radiation and storms/ volcanic activity. How much is true? And how much hype?

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    Helpel, Phil from the worldnomads.com safety hub here. I understand from our contacts in Tokyo that the power disruptions are very rare now. Some of the lights in Shinjuku are switched off to conserve power, but the impact on daily life is minimal.
    Mt Fuji is further south than Tokyo, so it's even further away from Fukushima. There's an exclusion zone around the power plant which extends 30kms. Some foreign governments recommend you don't go nearer than 80kms - you'll be 200kms+
    The only significant volcanic activity at present is at Mt Kirishima in the far south of Honshu.
    The whole place is on the ring of fire and subject to earthquakes, but they are of course unpredictable.
    Radiation levels in Tokyo are (and have been since March 17th) safe and near normal. Some people are worried the drinking water may have low levels of cesium, but this is not backed up by any test results. Occasionally people worry about food contamination, and the most recent event is the discovery that 1500 cows which had grazed on contaminated grass within that 30km exclusion zone in Fukushima, had been slaughtered and their beef sold in supermarkets. But apparently you'd have to eat the contaminated beef at every meal for a year to get even close to it having any ill-effect.
    The thing about radiation and radioactive contamination is that its affected by strength and time.... a large dose over a short time is bad, a low dose over a long time is bad. A low dose over a short time (ie your visit) is not something you should be too concerned about.
    Phil about 9 years ago

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    You are in fuji? Oh,mount fuji is far from Tokyo. about 9 years ago

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