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    Now is a great time to visit Okinawa because the weather is not as hot as it was just a month ago. Okinawa's aquarium is a great visit, as is the Shuri castle ruins. I'd also visit Kokusai (sp?) street for the little shops and vendors. There are many beaches to visit though it may be a little off season. Okinawa is known for it's many dive spots as well. There are many restaurants with a lot of variety. Okinawan food is typically things like soba, taco rice and a lot of pork based dishes. There are many Americans living on Okinawa because of the US military. There is a website that is run primarily by military spouses called Okinawa Hai. Look it up, tons of good useful info for your trip. about 9 years ago

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    Try the black pig bbq is simple delicious! almost 8 years ago

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Map of Okinawa Prefecture