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    Hi Elizabeth, we just got back from japan (I have family in Chiba, also northern Tokyo). There are no guarantees, but our view was that water was probably more of an issue than food ... We bought emergency water filters - those charcoal ones from outdoor suppliers - they aren't cheap and you still can't be sure, but we bought them for the whole family who still aren't drinking the tap water. When we were there, bottled water is also an option. over 9 years ago

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    Elizabeth, I've been following the daily radiation levels in Tokyo by this community group: https://www.facebook.com/Tokyo.Radiation.Levels
    Every day since the spike in radiation around March 16th has been 'acceptable', or 'safe'. They've also tested Tokyo drinking water and found no radiation at all. Given that Ota is relatively close to the centre of Tokyo, and not significantly closer to the failed nuclear power plant, I'd guess it'd be a similar story. But I'm no scientist, just an observer.
    As for contaminated food - a tricky one. I suppose we have to trust the experts and the testing authorities in Japan, and hope they are on top of the issue. I know there's "no safe level of radiation" but outside of the 50 mile exclusion zone the levels of radiation are extremely low. This is not a Chernobyl situation. Some claim any contamination is probably less than the increased radiation you're exposed to by flying to Japan in an aircraft.
    What is your boyfriend saying about the situation, does he have access to local radiation level readings... have a chat with him.
    Here are other posts about Japan and radiation on this site: http://answers.worldnomads.com/locations/3201/map-of-japan
    and a WorldNmads.com post about radiation levels and what they mean:
    If you decide not to go, can I have your airline ticket and would your boyfriend let me stay at his place.... because I would certainly go without any fear.
    Phil over 9 years ago

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    Thanks for the answers. I think as long as there isn't an explosion or something along those lines from now till when I leave, I will go confidently and just remain cautious of water, milk, spinach and other things that are known as contaminated. over 9 years ago

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