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Her apartment is in Shinagawa and the University is Minato-ku. She will be there for 5-6 days.I am concerned with her safety and health issues. She is a smart and capable young lady and lived in Tokyo for one year.

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    She'll be fine. Tokyo is mildly more inconvenient due to power shortages affecting public transport, and northern Tokyo around Chiba has some water issues relating to the nuclear emergency, but unless the reactors actully melt down or explode or something, central Tokyo is no more dangerous than normal. When is her University due to re-open?

    (I'm in the west of Japan right now, and loads of people have unnecessarily canceled trips here)
    almost 10 years ago

    • Her University (Temple University of Philadelphia) reopened on the 4th of April. We were unsure of the safety issues, so she is finishing up online. They are on a trimester schedule and her original finish date was the 28th of April. Thank you for your reply. cindy ikehara almost 10 years ago
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    The only danger is posed very close to the reactors, and I mean a few miles. As long as she stays outside the exclusion zones (and UK, US and Aus governments have wider zones than Japanese government at 80km) she should be fine.
    There's an excellent Facebook page Tokyo Radiation Levels. A young scientist with a geiger counter is taking daily readings. He's also getting tap water sampled. There's been nothing to cause any concern. Have a look at the page, very informative: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tokyo-Radiation-Levels/196845207013685

    That's if nothing else catastrophic happens, anyway.
    Phil almost 10 years ago

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    • Thank you for your reply and for the face book info! cindy ikehara almost 10 years ago

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