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I have a mind-numbing ear infection courtesy of an aweful flu before i left home. Right now I'll take a good GP with or without English ...

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    Hey mate, sorry to hear about your ear... I spent some times in Beppu and Kamegawa, I had bone infection in my lower left leg and I sought treatment at Kamegawa hospital, they hardly speak english but they are doing great job and they don't take insurance! but you can keep your receipts and claim the insurance later if you have one (the hospital cost wasn't that expensive compare to Osaka!) and for your information Kamegawa is only 2 stations away from Beppu! and hospital is 10 min walk from the Kamegawa station or you can catch the bus 10A (if I am not wrong) in Kamegawa, it will drop you off at the hospital! good luck and get well soon :) over 9 years ago

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