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    Travel to Maui should be fine - you are literally thousands of kilometres from Japan in the state of Hawaii. The possibility of radiation travelling across the water is certainly there, but the question really is how much?

    One expert believes that radiation has the ability to reach the U.S West Coast, but does not go into detail as to how much and if this level of radiation is dangerous. So far, he is the only expert that has put forward this possibility.


    If the potential for harm was truly there, it's safe to assume you would have many more experts coming out to echo these statements.

    As for food contamination, the U.S has already put some blocks on food imports from Japan, namely items that have the potential to be contaminated by radiation.

    An interesting article that easily explains what radiation is and how dangerous it can actually be can be read here:


    We are not nuclear physicists, but its fair to say that Hawaii should be substantially safe from dangerous radiation.


    Jesse - Safety Hub over 9 years ago

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