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Should I cancel my planned holiday to Japan for 2 weeks from 17th April?
I have only booked flights from London to Tokyo so far on Qatar Airways .
Qatar are still flying to Tokyo but the British FCO advise against all but non-essential travel to Tokyo and as a result my travel insurance would be invalid.
Should I cancel or defer?I am not sure what stance the airline will take as the planes are still flying to Tokyo ok.

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    Hi Peter, Katrina from WorldNomads.com here.

    The best advice is to contact your airline to find out their policy to re-book, reschedule or cancel your pre-paid travel arrangements. Many airlines are being flexible with this, and you may be able to get a credit or full refund to allow you to continue to monitor the situation without being out of pocket and then go to Tokyo when the situation improves.

    As a UK resident, you should always take the advice of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office www.fco.gov.uk (or your government travel advisory if you are not a UK resident) first and foremost as this directly affects the cover on your insurance policy. You should keep monitoring this advice before you go and while travelling. No cover is provided under any section of your insurance policy if you choose to travel to a destination to which the FCO has advised against "all travel" to that region or "all but essential travel". This is the case with most insurance policies and not just World Nomads.

    As of today (28 March), the FCO advice is "we advise against all but essential travel to north eastern Japan and Tokyo". In 2 weeks time, if the advice has not changed, then you wont be covered if you choose to go to those regions. If the advice has changed to show there are no travel warnings in place, then you are covered under the terms and conditions of your existing policy.

    Most insurers are unable to pay claims resulting from nuclear accidents, radiation sickness or fear of contamination. If you do choose to cancel or change your plans, be aware, World Nomads policies for do not provide cover for cancellation, curtailment or non-refundable expenses caused by natural disasters, nuclear or radioactive contamination. You are covered for cancellation or curtailment if you are accidentally injured, get seriously ill or you die (or any of these happen to your travel companion an immediate relative or close business associate).

    And finally, here is some more useful travel advice - http://journals.worldnomads.com/safetyhub/story/70011/Japan/Travel-Advice-Japan

    Safe travels over 9 years ago

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    PS. If you're still not sure on what's covered (and not), best to contact our customer services team http://www.worldnomads.com/contactus.aspx. For UK residents, we have London office: +44 (0)845 838 4718 over 9 years ago

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    We also had a 3 week trip to Japan from this Friday but just changed our tickets so we now arrive in Osaka instead of Tokyo. We made this change mainly because of the general travel disruption to trains etc, which could be inconvenient, rather than for any particular safety concern.

    From Osaka it's only 90 minutes to Kyoto, which in spring is one of the wonders of the world.

    (So we are still going but everyone has to make their own decisions ...) over 9 years ago

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    The FCO now say it is safe to travel to Tokyo so the majority of major travel insurance providers will now cover your trip. For a more detailed answer, and answers to other questions you might have about visiting Japan after the earthquake, see our Frequently Asked Questions page
    http://www.seejapan.co.uk/JNTO_Consumer/Media/Press_releases/press_release_detail/11-04-07/Frequently_Asked_Questions_Following_the_Earthquake_Tsunami.aspx over 9 years ago

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