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traveling from tokyo to osaka as kyoto and hiroshima by bullet train are they affect by the black out? Is there food shortages in tokyo as bad the reports are saying.

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    Here's the latest on the Shinkansen from japan-guide.com:
    All shinkansen lines, except the Tohoku/Akita/Yamagata Shinkansen, are operating normally. Service along the Tohoku Shinkansen has resumed between Tokyo and Nasu-Shiobara and between Morioka and Shin-Aomori and along the Akita Shinkansen between Morioka and Akita. But no date for the resumption of service along the entire Tohoku/Akita/Yamagata Shinkansen has been announced yet due to worse than expected damage to tracks and stations. over 9 years ago

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    According to my sister who just traveled between Tokyo and Nagoya (west), the bullet train heading to west from Tokyo (Tokaido Shinkansen) is running quite normally.
    Other train lines in Tokyo area are running infrequently or on the weekend schedule. Planned blackouts are carried out in the Great Tokyo area but the middle of Tokyo is exempted from this blackouts. Obviously department stores and shops are running but expected to run on low power consumption.

    The restaurants are working fine but at supermarkets you may find difficulties finding certain types of foods, such as uncooked rice, bread, eggs, and ready made meals. Snacks and bottled drinks should be fine. AA batteries are hard to find in the whole Japan at the moment. You may find them in the restricted mumber if you are in Osaka or Kyoto. So don't forget to pack your own AA battery supply.

    You may find difficult to travel between Narita Airport and Tokyo. The most convenient JR line Narita Express is currently not running. JR Soubu line is running on weekend over 9 years ago

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    (continued from the above comment, sorry)
    JR Soubu line is running on the weekend schedule and it takes 80mins to Tokyo station. Alternatively Keisei line Skylinner (express) runs between Narita and Ueno station in Tokyo, and takes 50 mins. Yesterday (22nd. March) the Skylinner ran only in the afternoon, but can be expected to run more frequently in a few days. Keisei line Citylinner (rapid) to Ueno may be running more frequently.
    Another way to get to Tokyo is by bus. It takes one hour and arrives at Tokyo City Air Terminal (TCAT), which is eight minutes walk from the nearest subway stations (one of them is Kayaba station on Tozai line) over 9 years ago

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