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I'm trying to find a timetable for trains from Tokyo (preferably Shinjuku but anywhere will do!) to Narita Town (NOT airport) for later in the evening, say after 10:00pm. Is there such a thing? I see "Sky Access" trains mentioned but can't find times! Even a bus would do.

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    Is Narita-town the one close to Narita Airport, in Chiba prefecture?
    If so, there are some ways to go there from Tokyo or Shinjuku, but easy ones are as below:

    From Tokyo to Narita:
    Tokyo --(JR Yamanote line)--> Nippori --(Keisei Line)--> Keisei-Narita
    Tokyo --(JR Sobu line Airport Express)--> Narita

    From Shinjuku to Narita:
    Shinjuku --(JR Yamanote line)--> Nippori --(Keisei Line)--> Keisei-Narita

    I'm not sure what time the last train to Narita departs, but you had better leave Tokyo or Shinjuku before 10:00 in case of Express train, and 11:00 for normal train.

    There is a special express train from Nippori to Narita Airport called the Skyliner, and some of them stop at Narita city Station on the way to the airport. By the way, it's about 20 minutes from Shinjuku to Nippori and 10 minutes from Tokyo by Yamanote line train.
    The information incl. time table is available in English:

    Also, here is the train route finder in English. Very convenient tool.
    http://www.jorudan.co.jp/english/ over 10 years ago

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    • Thanks very much! Jorudan is a very useful site :) Luke Crosthwaite over 10 years ago

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