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I'm heading there on 21st May for 2 weeks with my sister. Will be my first time there and I'm very excited! I've done quite a bit of research so far but wondering if anyone can recommend any hidden gems they've discovered or things they believe are must see's. I'm very much open to new experiences!

I'm considering buying the 2 week rail pass so will be able to travel anywhere in Japan.

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    Definitely buy the Japan Rail Pass - you'll save the price of it in one trip.

    Couple of suggestions:

    - Miyajima, just south of Hiroshima makes a good (long) day trip. Take the cable car to the top Of the mountain and walk back down last the temples

    - soak in the Spirited Away Onsen in the city of Matsuyama on Shikoku.

    - climb the 1300 steps to the top of Kompira temple also on Shikoku

    - Shinkansen down to Kagoshima on the ridiculously fast train and the hire a car and drive around Sakurajima. Soak in the outdoor volcanic onsen temple overlooking the ocean.

    - past Kyoto, head to the inland sea and the Ninja temple of Kanazawa.

    And that's just getting started!

    Have a great trip! over 5 years ago

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    I should also add, if your can't get to Kyoto, 90 minutes out of Tokyo there is the temple complex of Kamakura which is the next best thing. Makes a great day trip. over 5 years ago

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